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Qt Puppy (pronounced QutePuppy)
After playing with all the currently available puppy sources over the last year, I have decided for a number
of reasons that for ease of build and "best-fit" that QutePuppy will be a T2 based Version of Puppy.
Development Versions will be coded warz 52.x.x and will come from Barry's Wary or 5.2 when it's
ready. The warz51 alphas will not be released (Sorry, i'm using it to learn how-to do this, and it Will be
very buggy). The first Public Alpha Release will come out after Wary 5.2 is out.

Beta and Final Releases will be coded warq for the User Workstation Version and wars for the Server Version.

Vision for QutePuppy
It will be designed to be based on a basic-bones version of wary 52 plus Qt4.

It is planned to be both Linux User and Windows User friendly!

There are plans for two versions to be designed, built and released.

A User Workstation Version, primarily containing User Applications and the User Components of a small number
of Client/Server Applications. There will be a number of Windows Compatable Apps/Programs on the screen for
windows users (examples are Firefox and Eudora), as well as many linux style applications that are Qt4 based.
Group Screen icons and the initial desktop and menus will remind you of windows95;


A LHMP Server Version with Qt4 plus addatives to allow client/server Applications, and maybe even Cloud style
Applications to be used, but with no user-end components installed.

It is planned to have something like the traditional Puppy screen layout available via jwm, but it will not
have some of the general libraries and applications you are use to as the applications will be replaced by Qt4
equivalents as they are found and developed.

Others like the popular openoffice.sts, etc. should be useable and loadable via bootmanager as long as the
sts's are internally complete.

Most of the multiple programs that do the same thing will be missing. This is a common complaint now from
those windows users thinking of trying a version of linux out now.

Things should still work as Puppy users expect them to, but a windows user should also be able to use it
without too much hastle.

QutePuppy is planned to be modem, wifi, network and Satellite compatable.

QutePuppy will have some standard Printer drivers already installed.

I have allocated a fair proportion of my time for the rest of 2011 and all of 2012 for this concept!

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