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====Is Quirky puppy the right puppy for you? ====
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~Quirky came out around the same time as the new ubuntu based pupies and nearly became the official puppy 5. Quirky took some time to get of the ground but but now it has developing stedely. The main thing with quirky seems to be that each new version is getting smaller and smaller. Following the trend that puppy was founded on. The origional version of quirky looks, feels and runs like an optemised puppy 431 and was a good start.

**Quirky builds:**
- Quirky info [[ click here]]
- quirky downloads can be found [[ click here]]
- think linux [[ click here]] a great os built on

**Quirky NOP (no office pup):** Quirky NOP is a small fast os where everthing you need to do can be done through the webbrowser. These days with as we can do more things online there is less need for apps installed. With the invention of Cloud Computing for more info [[ Click here]] Today you can create, edit, store your documents; read, edit and send emails using webmail (online emaile in browser); store files and even more all online. There are now many services, such as Google, who are taking full advantage of this. Quirky NOP can be easily configured to access any online website eg. Googles various different services such as google docs, gmail, google images etc. This New type of os has potential in this modern age.
- Quirky NOP [[ click here]]
- ispup [[ click here]]
- Cloud Bible [[ click here]]

**Have fun trying quirky.**

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