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====Raspberry Pi Random Puppy (aka. RP-Squared)====
~This is intended to be a single purpose release. With the expense of Hardware RNG devices, not to mention the delay in getting them... I've been looking for another alternative. The Raspberry Pi's BCM2835 system-on-a-chip has a hardware random number generator. This release allows you to utilize the RPi's hardware RNG across a local network by any computer on the network.
~[[ RPi Random Pup homepage]]
~[[ RPi Random Pup thread]]
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====Community Edition CE1====
~Community Edition 1 is Debian repository compatible (Dpup), built with [[Woof2]] by [[wanderer]]. Currently under development, preliminarily version available. It will potentially serve a standard base for future Puppy development, now [[BarryK Barry]] has retired. The build is created and maintained by the Puppy Linux community.
~Superceded by Community Edition [[CE4]].
~[[ISO]] and [[devx]] available from the following mirrors-
~[[ Community Edition (]]
~[[ Community Edition thread]]
~[[ Community Edition diaspora thread]]

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