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====Recording with Audacity====
~Some things to consider when recording with Audacity-
~~Set the correct input device, see A 'select input device' (if your using JACK switch it ALSA to select device, then back to JACK)
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~~Turn the capture level up, see D 'capture level up'. Don't confuse Capture with Mic. Mic sets the volume of Mic 'thru' but not the record level.
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~~If frugally installed set temporary directory outside of SaveFile . Go to // edit > preferences > directories// set to something like /mnt/home/audacity-temp
~~Select //view > 'show clipping'// highlight any part of the recording that has distorted due to input being too high.
~~If recording multiple tracks you may need to lower latency - otherwise new track may come in too soon.
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~~Use [[Jack]] to monitor if your system is recording continuously without gaps (due to not enough processor time allocated, or not fast enough processor).
~[[Audacity]] - installation
~[[SoundSystem Sound system Index]]
~[[ Using Audacity on AMD Athlon 64]]
~[[ Audacity homepage]]
~[[ Audacity forum]]
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==== Sound system Index ====
~Most Puppy versions use the [[ALSA]] system as opposed to [[OSS]]. To configure the sound use the SoundWizard and then set level using RetroVol or AlsaMixer.
~For advanced sound include routing between program use [[Jack]].
~[[RetroVol]] - GUI for sound levels
~[[AlsaMixer]] - control sound level via commandline app
~[[ALSA]] - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
~[[audiohardware How to see sound hardware configuration]]
~[[OSS]] - Open Sound System - alternative sound system
~[[ESound]] - Audio server
~[[Audio Audio Information]]
~[[SoftwareMultimedia Multimedia Software index]]
~[[ Rui Nuno Capela forum on qt sound apps]]
~[[ A description of the Linux sound system]]

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