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Resize SaveFile

It may be time to resize the SaveFile if the indicator (bottom right-hand size of panel) has gone from green to amber, or even red.
Check that any temporary files are cleaned out. #/root/# has various caches, for example firefox, openoffice, gnome-player, Adobe have temporary files. (large directories like .mozilla folder, or files like libflashplayer can be symlinked out). If indicator went amber after installing Pet packages then it is best to expand the SaveFile.
Look at the /initrd/pup_rw folder to see what is in the save-file.

Expanding SaveFile
There is a tool for expand the SaveFile under - PuppyMenu > Utility > Resize personal Storage file
Or go to - PupControl > Drive > Resize Puppy File
Choose how much to expand the file, however it will only be activated on next startup. Ensure you restart with the file that needs to be expanded. This tool only allows you to expand the file, not decrease it.

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