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**Right-click menu options** is a add-on package that runs on most recent Puppies
made by Barry Kauler ie. Wary Racy Precise Slacko Quirky Puplette.

It requires Rox filer and it prefers an up-to-date version of gtkdialog.

It adds a powerful collection of utilities and tools.
For instance it allows extractions of packages and archives...
or you can make a pet package or a tar.gz or ISO. Just with
a right click...

Currently there is foreign language support. With version 6.5.4 there is
support for French,Spanish,German,Russian. More support is welcome.
Instructions are at the site if you want a version in your own language.

Usage: 'right clicking' on any directory in a filer window, or right click on a file.
Some apps will open from the Start menu.

To install: For example : French version ---> set your computer to French language i.e. fr
Then click on pet package to install. You will get a warning message. That's it. Simple.
You must only install one language on your machine.

It is best to install on a fresh installation of Puppy linux, however if
applications such as Gimp,FBReader,Softmaker,Libreoffice,Evince,Audacity
are pre-installed then it will make right-click menu links for these applications.

For the latest download see [[ end of this thread]].

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