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==== Linux Directory Structure ""(RootFS)""====
~**Linux Directory Structure** also known as FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) and ""'RootFs'"" defines the main directories and their contents in Linux operating systems, including Puppy. In frugal installation it is held in a series of compressed files [[BaseSFS]], [[SaveFile Pup SaveFile]] and other SFSs.

==Useful Directories==
~Any media or filesystem that is mounted will have a folder here including hard-drive partitions, cds, usbs and archive files such as [[SquashFS SFSs]]. In frugal mode only files saved in this directory will be outside the [[SaveFile PupSave]] file.

~Installed applications with a menu entry will have a link file here, see [[AppsDesktop .desktop]] files.

==Useful Files==
~##[[fstab|/etc/fstab]]## - contains static filesystem information.

==Temporary Directory==
~This is the location where temporary files are stored. Do not put anything in here that needs to be kept. The [[savefile]] does not save the contents of this directory on reboot/ shutdown.

==Advanced Directories==
~Broadly speaking contains two main groups. Numerically named directories corresponding to the process ID (PID) of a process currently executing on the system. The second file non-numerically named directories and regular files describe some aspect of kernel operation.

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[SaveFile Save File]] - filesystem file in Frugal install

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