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SCIM (Smart Common Input Method) is an input method platform containing support for more than thirty languages. Roughly equivalent to Microsoft's Pinyin IME and Global IME.

The software can be installed on any Puppy. Alternatively, many Puppy's remastered for a particular language come with the software built in, for example Puppy528JP and Precise550JP.

SCIM software packages can be found at

Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl + Space - activate SCIM bar (when cursor is activate)

Switching Localization SCIM
Instructions for setting up Puppy to allow typing in non-latin character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, etc. This is different from a full localization because the underlying system is still in English or another Western language. It is useful to do this if for:
  • sharing a computer with friends or family members who speak different languages from you.
  • learning a new language(s), and don't yet feel knowledgeable enough to handle menus in the new language(s).
  • running an internet cafĂ©, or a multi-lingual workplace. You may want have several languages available to users, and still have the underlying system in the local language for support purposes.

Basic SCIM input

More Advanced SCIM input

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