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~**SCIM** (Smart Common Input Method) is an input method platform containing support for more than thirty languages. Roughly equivalent to Microsoft's Pinyin IME and Global IME.

~The software can be installed on any Puppy. Alternatively, many Puppy's remastered for a particular language come with the software built in, for example Puppy528JP and Precise550JP.
~SCIM software packages can be found at [[]], downloads:
~For more information see, [[How to Setup SCIM|]]

==Keyboard Shortcuts==
~Ctrl + Space - activate SCIM bar (when cursor is activate)

==Switching Localization SCIM==
~Instructions for setting up Puppy to allow typing in non-latin character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, etc. This is different from a full localization because the underlying system is still in English or another Western language. It is useful to do this if for:
~~-sharing a computer with friends or family members who speak different languages from you.
~~-learning a new language(s), and don't yet feel knowledgeable enough to handle menus in the new language(s).
~~-running an internet café, or a multi-lingual workplace. You may want have several languages available to users, and still have the underlying system in the local language for support purposes.

==Basic SCIM input==

==More Advanced SCIM input==

==Also on the Wiki==
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