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~**SFS_Load** loads [[SquashFS SFS files]] on-the-fly. It can be used with Frugal and Full installations of Puppy and is compatible with the [[bootmanager Boot Manager]] application. Developed by [[Shinobar]].

|=| **Compatible with** || [[Puppy 4|]], [[Lucid]], [[Slacko]], [[Wary]], [[Racy]], [[Precise]] ||
|=| **Dependencies** || - ||

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~Sfs_load can also be run from commandline. Type ##sfs_load --help## from the terminal to get the usage.

~It is included in many Puppy at-
~//Menu > Setup > Setup Puppy > SFS Load//
~Alternatively install package from [[ forum thread]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[SquashFS SFS files]]
~[[BootManager Boot Manager]]
~[[HowtoAddSFStoFullInstall Alternative way to add SFS to Full Installation]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ SFS_Load forum thread]]
~[[ SFS Load 1.9.6-2 fixed for Kernels > 3.2]]

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