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ffmpeg or avconf will Record you're video & audio in Puppy, it just depends what puppy you have.
Most Puppys have a program called [[FFConvert]] in the multimedia menu which will come pre configured for the available tool and enable you to record you're dektop and audio.

↓ put this in you're console to find out if you have avconv or not.

==avconv manual here==

If "avconv" returns a version number then you should use avconv.
↓If not then type in you're console

"Much of the confusion is the result of users not differentiating between the projects, [[FFmpeg]] and [[libav]], and their respective command-line tools, [[ffmpeg]] and [[avconv]]." ...""LordNeckbeard"" from
This article should clear up the confusion about these two tools.

==For the ffmpeg users==
↓ put this in you're console to find what version of ffmpeg you have.
##ffmpeg -version## (simple screen recorder from Tman)==

==Lobster version with gui==
Not the same as Tman's .pet, this .zip contains two scripts, one to record the video + audio and one for the gui.
Lobster's video tutorial

==From forum topic==

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