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ffmpeg or avconf will Record you're video & audio in Puppy, it just depends what puppy you have.
Most Puppys have a program called FFConvert in the multimedia menu which will come pre configured for the available tool and enable you to record you're dektop and audio.

ā†“ put this in you're console to find out if you have avconv or not.

avconv manual here

If "avconv" returns a version number then you should use avconv.
ā†“If not then type in you're console

"Much of the confusion is the result of users not differentiating between the projects, FFmpeg and libav, and their respective command-line tools, ffmpeg and avconv." ...LordNeckbeard from
This article should clear up the confusion about these two tools.

For the ffmpeg users

ā†“ put this in you're console to find what version of ffmpeg you have.
ffmpeg -version

.pet (simple screen recorder from Tman)

Lobster version with gui

Not the same as Tman's .pet, this .zip contains two scripts, one to record the video + audio and one for the gui.
Lobster's video tutorial

From forum topic

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