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rc 2 available

. . . only hours to FINAL . . .

Slacko updates and extras
a 15 October 2011 v1.2 of Puppy Phone has been compiled and works well on Slacko
Click on the red phone icon DOWNLOAD
Fortran compiler for puppy 5 Slacko gfortran 4.5.2 (made from slackware package)
coolpups java 1.7 seems to work ok with Seamonkey - menu entry for the java control panel in Utility
LaTex Typesetting from Emil
Numerical mathematics - MATLAB compatible from Emil
Flash update from Tman
Nvidia driver with glx in SFS from Shinobar
fast lisp compiler from Emil
Updated advert blocker from Scottman
Computer Algebra compiled in slacko RC by emil:
Tempestuous' extra wireless firmware for the ath9k_htc driver (which is already present by default in the kernel) is apparently not included though, as my TP-Link TL-WN821Nv3 USB dongle was not detected. See:
Installing that .pet worked, but I had to get online first to be able to access it, so having the firmware included from the get go would be great.

Working in Slacko
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