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====Slacko Software====
~[[Slickpet]] is a cut down version of Quickpet to get a few handy apps without diving into the well stocked Puppy Package manager. Slickpet also supports installing SFS packages, which are modules that are loadable as layers in the Puppy filesystem. Packages such as Libreoffice-3.5.3, JRE and Samba3.5.4 are available.
~While on the Puppy Package Manager, apart from Puppy's native PET package format it can also fetch Slackware, Salix and Slacky packages in tgz or txz format.
~Puppy's sfs format is supported by a program called sfs_load. Sfs are a way to load layered filesystems so that the filesystems can be unioned and act as one. Read more.
~Slacko has [[Abiword]] and [[Gnumeric]], late versions to open those documents and spreadsheets to keep you working.
~Lots of types of multimedia are supported so you can play hard.
~Slacko is aimed at reasonably modern machines up to six or seven years old. It may run on even older hardware.
~Much work has gone into fine tuning packages such as Samba and the light weight alternative Samba-TNG. There is also a netboot add on that allows you to boot Puppy over your LAN.
~Slacko Puppy 5.3.3 offers something for everyone, whether for work or play, all in under **115 megabytes!**

==More Software==
[[SlickPet]] development of [[LucidPuppyQuickpet Quickpet]] - easily adds major programs such as Gimp, Wine, Pidgin and accelerated graphic drivers
[[Seamonkey]] powerful default web browser ready installed (others easily available from Slickpet eg. [[Tor]] Browser), [[Firefox]], [[Chrome]] and [[Opera]]
[[jwm Joes Window Manager]] updated
Automatic Internet connectivity with Frisbee Network Manager
sfs_load by shinobar
Linux kernel compiled with Aufs (layered file system support)
[[Xchat]] IRC chat installed, with meebo as a cloud link
[[Transmission]] bit torrent available
[[Geany]] programming IDE and powerful text editor
[[Leafpad]] simple text editor
Audio improvements, eg. audio and recording in [[mhwaveedit mhwavedit]] working
[[ Puppy Phone]] (Slickpet add on)
[[ Optional Slickpet Cloud feature]] eg. Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and Gmail icons
[[ Most secure Puppy ever]]
[[ Security Fido]] Non root initiative started
[[ Growl]] Security hardening
[[ LibreOffice]] Easy GUI installation
Pns-tool Wi-fi support
Many software support modules (SFS) and Puppy prepared programs (pets)
[[ Simple English Docs]]
Gettext being used in all GUI scripts for internationalization
[[ Run as Fido, Spot]] or root as a choice
[[ Enhanced snapshot]]
Flash optional, offered as download if needed
Add more than 6 SFS (software modules) at any one time
[[ GUI setup tool for the personal storage file]]
[[PuppyUniversalInstaller Puppy Universal Installer]] bug fixes
Translations available
[[Pupcamera]] added
[[PuppyMessage]] - color scheme for messages

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~[[ Slacko Homepage]]

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