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~[[ math-slacko.sfs thread]] - packaged by emil, includes [[Maxima]]
~[[ math-slacko.sfs thread]] - packaged by [[emil]], includes [[Maxima]]

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graph plotter

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~[[ math-slacko.sfs thread]] - packaged by [[emil]], includes [[Maxima]]

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~[[ Maths and physics simulator Java apps]] includes great [[ Circuit Simulator]]

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~[[ Eagle 5.11.0 - Circuit Board CAD software SFS Package thread]]
~[[ Kicad thread]]

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====Engineering and Scientific Software Index====
~[[ Math Base - Basic Mathematic Software package]]
====Engineering Software Index====

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algebra system

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~[[ xcircuit: Schematic drawing program thread]]
~[[ QElectrotech: QT4-based electronic schematic program thread]]

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{{include tonguesSoftwareEngineering}}
[[HomePage]] > [[SoftwareIndex Software Index]] > [[SoftwareEngineering|Engineering]]
====Engineering Software Index====
Electronic schematic and simulation
Basic electronic schematic and simulation
Electronic schematic and simulation
~[[ Engineering/Science/Simulation Section on forum]]
{{include tonguesSoftwareDevelopment}}
[[HomePage]] > [[SoftwareIndex Software Index]] > [[SoftwareDevelopment Development]]
====Development Software Index====
Converts BASIC script in to C.
Software development environment
Gets new Pet from current installation.
Multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces.
Gtkdialog (or gtkdialog) is a small utility for fast and easy GUI building.
Online program environment
Terminal Emulator
Program builder
Web database
Simple Pet & SFS making
New name for ""WxBasicscript"", which is a simplified version of [[WxBasic]].
programming language
Application development tool.
terminal emulator
Open Source software construction tool
database processing
program using tcl and Tk
Cross platform GUI library (aka WxGTK)
use simple X-windows interface in Bash
code analysis
~[[PuppySchoolProgramming Puppy School - Programming]]
~[[SoftwareDetails Software Development Details]] - Comparison of software's languages and frameworks
~[[ Programming Section on forum]]
~[[ P Data - flat file database thread]]
~[[ What database software we can use]]

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