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====Graphics Sofware Index====


Print management utility

Print utility thats handy for mTpaint

print directly from some gphoto-compatible cameras

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Image scanning configuration utility

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3D content creation suite

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Fully featured bitmamp graphic editor

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Image and Video viewer with slideshow.

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Image viewer with slideshow.

Vector graphics editor (standard in many version of Puppy)

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Fully featured vector graphics editor


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Basic bitmap editor (standard in many versions of Puppy)

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2D Animation and Drawing

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Quickly create text logos

[[Latex]] plugin for [[Inkscape]]

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Image viewer

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Image converter

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Image viewer


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[[ Xaos thread]]
Fractal zoomer

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[[ Mandelbulber thread]]
3D Mandel 'bulbs'

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[[ Fractal Fr0st thread]]


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