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====Office Software Index====

Print management utility

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Image scanning configuration utility

Read [[PDF]] files

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Simple word processor. Included in most
Puppys reliable up to [[ 10 to 20 pages]]

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Text editor

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Is a small and simple [[wiki]] for personal use

PDF file viewer

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Text & code editing

[[Gnome]] text editor

**[[GnomeOffice GNOME Office]]**
A suite of programs that includes AbiWord

Financial accounting

Spreadsheet editor


Office suite

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Office suite. Highly recommended for professional use

Editor for [[LaTeX]] typesetting

Hierarchical note manager

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Cut down office suite for children

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Cut down office suite for beginners

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Office Suite by Apache

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personal organization


Convert, build, combine, extract [[PDFs]]

Lightweight app for previewing, installing and viewing fonts

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Puppy powered blog

Professional page layout and publishing

Office suite. Proprietary Linux software. Often have free offers.
Good value. Professional. Reliable.

text editor with syntax highlighting & UTF support

Word-processor component of [[SoftMakerOffice]]


==More programs==
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==Also on the Wiki==
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