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====System Software Index====

game programming library

audio processing

collection of binary tools including [[as]] and [[ld]]

Basic file, shell and text manipulations.

Native language support

Gnome library for [[Gtk]]

The [[GNU]] C Library

Finds strings in files.


Audio encoder, supports MP3.

Berkley Database

software compilation




part of gstreamer plugins base set

streaming media framework

Audio decoder, supports MP3.

mpeg audio decoder

PNG raster format tools

SSH2 protocol


**[[libstdcplusplus libstdc++]]**
[[GNU]] Standard ""C++""

USB access for applications

library for handling [[xml]]


[[python]] maths library

audio processing

convert pdf to svg


[[python]] [[Gtk]] library

audio meta-data processing

device access

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**[[xinelib Xine lib]]**
Multimedia player

functions for interacting with [[X]]


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