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====""SquashFS for Puppy1""====
~Pre-1.0.7 users can use it by renaming it to usr_more.sfs
~1.0.7 users can do the following
~edit your ##rc.local## to add the following lines:-
echo "Making more loop devices..."
mknod /dev/loop5 b: 7 5
mknod /dev/loop6 b: 7 6
mknod /dev/loop7 b: 7 7

if [ ! "`ls /mnt/home/usr_packagex.sfs 2> /dev/null`" = "" ];then
mkdir /.usr_packagex
echo "Mounting /mnt/home/usr_packagex.sfs file on /.usr_packagex..."
losetup-FULL /dev/loop5 /mnt/home/usr_packagex.sfs
mount -r -t squashfs -o noatime /dev/loop5 /.usr_packagex
unionctl /usr --add --after /root/.usr --mode ro /.usr_packagex
~if you are multiple .sfs files the increase then use the next /dev/loop that is empty i.e. the next usr*.sfs will go in /dev/loop6. If you run out of loops make new ones using mknod command as show above.

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