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~**""TexTex""** [[Latex]] plugin for [[Inkscape]]. The Latex script can be modified after being inserted (ie it isn't a one way process).

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~Install the plugin and the following dependencies:
~[[]] (the plugin)
~[[]] (general for [[Inkscape]] plugins)
~[[]] (for [[pygtk]])
~[[]] ([[pdf2svg]])
~Ensure a Latex system is installed - check using ##latex -v## and ##pdflatex -v##
~For example the [[ texlive-2011-FULLAPP.sfs]] ([[TexLive]])
~Also requires library or later.
~If not present in ##/usr/lib## then make a link called to the latest libpoppler.
~For example in [[Slacko|Slacko 5.6]] make a relative symlink called to ##/usr/lib/
~May require reboot after everything's installed.

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Poppler]] - PDF rendering library

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