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====Text Editors====
A text editor is a type of program used for editing plain text files.
Text editors are often provided with operating systems or software development packages, and can be used to change configuration files and programming language source code.
The default editor in Puppy is usually [[Geany]].
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====Software Index====
==Pages about Software==
~[[Software About Puppy Software]]
~[[SoftwareDisclaimer Software Disclaimer]]
~[[PPM About Puppy Package Management]]
~[[Pets About Pet files]]
~[[LucidPuppyQuickPet Quick Pet]] - Puppy 5
==Software Indexes==
~||**[[SoftwareDesktop Desktop]]** ||Windowmanagers, themes, eye candy.||**[[SoftwareDevelopment Development]]** ||Compilers, interpreters, IDEs, terminals, low level||
||**[[SoftwareFilesystem File-system]]** ||Filemanagers, partitioning tools, etc.||**[[SoftwareGames Games]]** ||Add some more fun to your Puppy!||
||**[[SoftwareGraphics Graphics]]** ||Paint, image manipulation, 3d modelling software.||**[[SoftwareInternet Internet]]** ||Web browsers, Email and RSS clients, IM etc.||
||**[[SoftwareMultimedia Multimedia]]** ||Video, music applications.||**[[SoftwareNetwork Network]]** ||Home network, remote access.||
||**[[SoftwareOffice Office]]** || Word processing, text editors, spreadsheets, calendar.||**[[SoftwareSystem System]]** ||Setup, hardware, libraries, low level||
||**[[SoftwareVirtualization Virtualization]]** ||Emulators, whatever|| - || - ||
~**[[ constructive feedback on this page thread ]]** - [[TdeM]]
~{{image url="" title="text" alt="text"}}[[ Software forum]]
~{{image url="" width="16"}}[[ Software forum links]]
~[[ Puppy Linux Software dokuwiki]]
~[[ slackware package management discussion]]
~[[PuppySoftwareList Puppy Software List]] - unmaintained

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