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**""TightVNC""** allows control of a remote computer's screen.
[[ TightVNC Server 1.3.10 PET for Puppy 4.21]]
[[ TightVNC homepage]]
====Network Software Index====
Instant Relay Chat [[ChatRoom IRC]]
transfer files between two remote servers via FTP with graphical user interface.
FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with graphical user interface.
Helps maintain internet connection on Puppy Linux.
Secure and advanced web server.
Secure and advanced web server with [[MySql]].
network monitor tool
Open Windows/Samba shares
Dial up network connection.
Connect to a wireless network.
share stuff on your Puppy with others on your network
Stops Network devices going into sleep mode
Control a remotes computer's screen.
**[[XChat X-Chat]]**
Instant Relay Chat [[ChatRoom IRC]]
Cross Platform LAMP
==Also on the Wiki==
[[LAMP]] - Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL (database software) and originally Perl
{{image url="" title="text" alt="text"}}[[ Network software forum]]
{{image url=""}}[[ Network software forum links]]

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