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==== tint2 ====
A simple panel/taskbar unintrusive and light (memory / cpu / aestetic).
Latest Version: tint2-0.11

== Installation ==
** Precise PPM **
1. Update your package manager
2. In the ubuntu-precise-universe repo you will find tint2_0.11, be sure to examine the dependencies. libimlib2_1.4.4 (from the ubuntu-precise-main repo) should be found.
3. Install the packages
4. Done, now type tint2 in the console to start tint2 panel

== Warning ==
tint2 will probably display under the jwm panel!
So you may need to open /.config/tint2/tint2rc in a text editor and change the panel_position parameter

== A .pet from the forum ==

== links ==

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