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====Using mtPaint====

==How to open a file==
Open the directory/folder with your pics
If you can not see your pics right/click/show thumbnails (or for older Puppys go into options)
Click the + sign in the Rox folder to make thumbnails bigger
Drag the required thumbnail over the mtpaint icon and let go
Pic now in Mtpaint

==Configure Mousewheel==
Select the menu option-
//Image > preferences > interface > mousewheel=scroll//

Now you can make the image bigger or smaller with the scroll wheel

==Modify Image==
Select a menu option from
// effects > change colours //
Best effects are increase saturation and a bit of gamma (don't go mad)
Too much gamma might need a bit of contrast and try some hue change for otherworldly sunsets
Apply before clicking OK and reset if the effects have gone too far when applied
That should give you pics a little more 'Puppification'

==How to Print==
To print in **mtPaint** you will need to install **[[gtklp]]**, and configure the print action.
(Some versions of Puppy have **gtklp** built-in including [[Puppy53 Puppy 5.3]], skip step 1.)
Following these instructions-
~**1. Install gtklp**
~~**1a** Download [[]] package
~~**1b** Click on the '' package and it will install automatically
~**2. Configure Print Action**
~~**2a** Go to the mtPaint menu // File > Actions > Configure //
~~**2b** Select 'Print image' from the top pane in the 'Configure File Actions' window
~~**2c** In the 'Command' text box replace ##kprinter %f## with ##gtklp %f## and click 'OK'
~You should now be able to print by selecting // File > Actions > Print image //
~Alternatively, you could use PeasyPrint install from following thread and configure print command to ##peasyprint %f##, see [[ PeasyPrint thread]].

~[[ Change hue and rescale clipboard]]
~[[ Simple tutorial for beginners]]

==Also see==
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~[[GtkLPQ]] - print queue manager

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