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Using the Puppy Linux Wiki

Q: What is a wiki?
A: Wiki is a free-form series of shared, editable web pages. Anyone with a browser can be a contributor.

Q: What makes Wikis unique?
A: They are diverse in format and capability. The Puppy wiki is easy and fast. Wikis allow everyone to participate in creating and developing web pages filled with useful data and information.

Q: Is it like a blog?
A: No, but Barry Kauler's Blog is one example of a blog.

Q: Is it like a forum?
A: No, but the Puppy Linux Forum is one example of a forum.

Q: Who owns the Wiki?
A: We do. Everyone is equal. RaffyM, CrustyLobster (a.k.a. Lobster), and coolpup are the administrators, just as John Murga is the host and administrator of the Puppy Linux Forum. The person hosting and administrating, for obvious reasons has more power and control over the wiki. Some people are more active but that is through choice. Note that the page owner (a.k.a. creator) may or may not have created the page contents. Other editors may be responsible for the majority of a page’s content.

Q: Do all wikis work in the same way?
A: No. The principles are the same but they evolve fast and are different. The Puppy wiki is simple to use and fast, just like Puppy. It's a great way of learning Puppy.

Q: Do I have to register to edit a page?
A: Yes. This is necessary to prevent miscreants from harming the wiki or posting spam.

Q: How do I register
A: Click on Login/Register at the top of any wiki page. For the login itself make sure that cookies are enabled for this site within your web browser.

Q: How do I edit a page?
A: Click on the [Edit] link at the bottom left of the page. Or, double click on most pages to edit (your browser needs to have javascript enabled). Or, add /edit at the end of the page's url in your browsers address bar, click your Go button or press Enter key. Once you are in the edit form, Highlight and then click on the icons at the top of the page to make bold, italic, indent, etc (to see those icons your browser needs to have javascript enabled). No HTML knowledge is required.

Q: What actions are available in the edit form?
A: In the edit form you may take the following actions:
  • To make your changes permanent click the Store button at the bottom of the page.
  • To see the effect of your changes click the Preview button at the bottom of the page.
  • To cancel your changes click the Cancel button at the botton of the page.

Q: What actions are available in the preview form?
A: In the Preview form you may take the following actions:
  • To make your changes permanent click the Store button at the bottom of the page.
  • To return to edit mode click the Re-edit button at the bottom of the page.
  • To cancel your changes click the Cancel button at the botton of the page.

Q: How do I save a page?
A: Click on the Store button at the bottom of page. You can always re-edit or revert the page if necessary. When using the preview option remember to store before leaving the page. You may also add a note about your edits at the bottom of the edit form in the field provided for notes.

Q: How do I add formatting to a wiki page?
A: Read the FormattingRules.

Q: How do I add pictures?
A: Host pictures at or then add the plain url. Enter the image url and then click on the add image button. Always remember to fill in the alt and title attributes for your image when inserting in wiki pages.
{{image class="left" image url="" title="Logo" alt="Puppy Logo"}}

Puppy Logo

Q: How do I create a new page in the wiki?
A: Use one of the following ways to create a new wiki page:-
1. Type the name of the page after ie
2. Click on a 'seed link' (one with a dotted under score) - you will be prompt to create a page.
3. Add a 'seed link' to a page, save page and click on 'seed link'. Seed links can be created by using CamelCase or by using double square brackets ie. MyNewPage or [[mynewpage]]
4. Type the name of your page is this box:
Create a new page
(CamelCase only)
  • It is worth searching the wiki to ensure your topic hasn't alreay been included.
  • Please include a category at the bottom of your page and or breadcrumbs so that the page is linked with rest of wiki.
    Q: What is CamelCase?
A: A word starting with a capital letter, with a capital in the middle or end eg MultiLingualPuppy, or GeanyIDE. It is named after the camels hump. See also WikiName

Q: How do I avoid CamelCase like text to display LikeThis?
A: Put two sets of speech marks (a.k.a double quotes) on either side.

Q: Why would I want to disable a CamelCase word?
A: CamelCase words by default are links to wiki pages. If there is no corresponding page for a given CamelCase word then the link points to an empty edit form for the creation of that page. If a wiki visitor clicks on such a link they will be taken to the Login/Register page. This happens because pages may only be created or edited after login. This causes confusion for visitors who merely wish to visit and not create or edit wiki pages.

Q: I am not sure I have understood how to edit or create a new page in the wiki?
A: There exists a SandBox for test purposes. You can do your first trials in wiki editing and creation there, without modifying the content of a current wiki page.

Q: Can I edit a page owned by someone else?
A: Yes. Ownership merely identifies who created the page. An owner or administrator can if they wish, restrict access or editing but that is rarely done.

Q: Can I edit or create a page simply to plug my own site?
A: Sorry, the answer is no. Also, please make sure the legal details/trademarks of Puppy and its websites (as stated in the footer of those sites) are respected at all times. Contact the creator if in doubt.

Q: How do I translate a page?
A: Most European languages should be straightforward. Cryllic, Arabic, Chinese etc may be best as an image. The simplest way to do this (as most of us will not have the unifont) is to do a simple welcome in Abiword or similar - then do a screenshot and post it here.

Q: How do I delete a page?
A: Pages can only be deleted by RaffyM, CrustyLobster (a.k.a. Lobster) or the administrators. Put something like 'this page can be deleted' in your page, delete any existing entry in the SiteMap page, and add a link to your page on the AwaitingDeletion page.

Q: How do I add a comment?
A: Click on Add Comment button at the base of any page to add a comment.

Q: How do I delete a comment?
A: After login you will see a Delete Comment button, clicking on it will delete your comment. There is no confirmation dialog so be careful. To delete the last comment you can also press 'Alt D'. You can only delete your own comments on a page owned by others. If you own the page, you can delete any comment on that page. Putting {{nocomments}} in pages turns off comments.

Q: How do I incorporate one page into another?
Use the following code {{Include ThisPage}}

Q: What software does this wiki use?
The wiki uses the wikka wiki engine.

  1. Personal pages should be reserved for conversational items and personal information or experiences. Personal pages are created by you and must be named with your wiki username.
  2. The wiki HomePage should have a simple index that does not change much with new pages added in the News section and then added to an index. As more pages are added we need a main index and sub indexes - the thing is keeping the data organised so it is accessible and useful.
  3. Keep cool if people move or modify stuff or have their own style.
  4. Get rid of as much eye candy as possible - lines and colours and stuff.
  5. Use blue links, white background, pictures, bold, italic and headings - nice and simple like the HTML on the Puppy Linux Community.
  6. Using HTML on pages is not advisable as it may make editing more difficult for those who are less experienced with HTML. On the whole wiki pages do not need knowledge of or require HTML.
  7. You may use comments to suggest changes or additions to wiki pages.

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