WPA-PSK referees to the per-shared key-mode of the WPA (Wifi Protected) access protocol. This mode of operations is designed for home servers and small offices and is sometimes refereed to as WPA-personal.



WPA-PSK personal uses a 256 bit key. This key is composed either as a string of 64 hexidesimal digets or a passphrase between 8 and 63 printable ASCII Characters.

Encryption Method

The key is encrypted using a PBKDF2 derived function to the passphrase, using the SSID as the salt function and 4096 iterations of HMAC-SHA1 [1]

Related Functions

getWpaPSK() (from -- part of Network Wizard)


1 - "Understanding WEP Weaknesses". Wiley Publishing. Retrieved 2010-01-10.

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