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Wary5x is a hybrid... official wary 5.1.1 retro ( crossed with official 217/431 base packages. Itself mimics Barry's original 2.17.1... down to system requirements. Otherwords... modern 5xx running like older 2xx series. Actually this build out performs my previous 2xx build... since retired yet still available via ftp at npup5x-iso. Less spoken all else within this build follows Barry's 4.31... meaning not much need for further depth than that.

up at my server...

...including my sfs.../tarballs. Regarding such... their 4xx format.

currently have:

openoffice 3.1
wine 1.14
skype 2.0
wesnoth-custom... offline, version 0.90

tarballs reside within pets-n-such... currently:

atunes-2.0.1... ipod.
visualboy-1.7.1... gameboy advance.
gimpshop-2.2... aka, photoshop variant.
gtkpod-0.99.12... ipod.
seamonkey-2.0... latest mozilla/web-browser.

less atunes... all were tested and worked with most 2/3/4xx builds by others.

some added features of wpup5x are:

petget re-designed for long-term... otherwords not limited to self.
user-friendly desktop/device manager.
better dependency checker.

revised pwireless w/improved detection replaces default net-setup... including ethernet connections.

gaming database consist of good family mix... from puzzles to retro... aka, snes/gameboy.

otherwise... packages brought to current as-needed verses as-available.

In summary... this build will run smoothly on old p2's and fly on more current models with all needed as one would expect of a modern desktop OS.
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