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What puppy Linux is best for you.

There are many different puplets out there now built on different versions of puppy Linux. here are some things you may like to consider when choosing what puplet is right for you. You need to know that what is the latest current version may not be the best choice for you.

Before reading further you may also want to read about the different ways to install puppy linux. Ways to install puppy. (note that also there is now a pup_save.3fs file which contains an uncompressed ext3 filesystem).

First you need to look at your computer specifications. How much ram and your CPU speed. These things are a big factor in determining what puplet you should choose. If you have a very old computer say with 128 MB ram and 1.00GHz CPU. A good choice is turbo pup as it small and fast. So try the last version or an earlier one. Turbo pup. If you have an old computer with around 521 mb ram and 1.8 CPU then a version based on puppy 431 or earlier would be a good choice. This is because the older linux kernels may be better optimized for older computers. There are many different versions built on puppy 431 and this is still a great stable base that has been worked on for a long time. Remember for old computers an older kernel is best and probably better optimized.

Once you have determined the best base puppy OS you need you now need to consider what you mainly use your computer for and what are you needs. If you jut use you computer for basic emailing, looking up websites like facebook, YouTube, chatting online, and other general Internet use and creating documents, editing photos then there are many good puppy versions for this. One I have used myself is Bruno pup Click here Bruno pup is based on puppy 431 it has a lot of applications. And is good for general everyday use. Puppylinux is a versatile os but it does lack some features. i find that the built in puppy linux scanner no matter what resolution is chosen is always pixilated to some degree. so for faxing i hav to ue another os atm.

The size of your hard drive is not usually a problem for puppy Linux, neither is the flash drive size but the save file size you intend to use maybe. Mostly with the save file you will not need more than 1-2GB but remember if you are installing puppy Linux on a flashdrive that has a fat32 file system due to the limitations of fat 32 you can't save more than a 4GB save file. (Note that fat 32 is still good to use especially if you want to use the same flash drive to store you files on the go for access on any other computer.) It helps to have as little in the save file as you can. So what a lot of puppy users end up doing is saving things such as downloads, documents, music, photos etc, outside the save file, to hdd or a flash drive.
You may even find a puppy version designed for your specific computer make and model with the common drivers that are needed for it. Such as the puppeee for eee computers Click here

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