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====Window Managers====
~The Window Manager is the layer between X windows and the [[DesktopEnvironments desktop environment]]. Window managers (WM) control the placement & appearance of windows. The default in Puppy Slacko is JWM, its very light weight but effective. If you imagine a computer system as a series of layers it would look something like this:
~//Hardware < Operating System < Display Server/Window System < **Window Manager** < Desktop Environment//
~Puppys default is JWM or (OpenBox in Lucid), see the [[ What are JWM and OpenBox? thread]].
~//Hardware < Linux < [[X X Windows]] < [[JWM]] or [[OpenBox]]//
~(JWM or ""OpenBox"" also act as the Desktop Environment, with the help of Puppy scripts and additional programs.)

==Window Managers commonly included with Puppy==
~[[JWM]] - default in Puppy4 and Slacko 5.3x, also see [[JWMElements]].
~[[OpenBox]] - default in [[Puppy5Index Puppy 5.2x Lucid]], not included in Puppy 5.3x Slacko.
~[[OpenBoxExtra]] - Openbox packaged with [[Tint]], themes and more
~[[Enlightenment]] - used by [[MacPup]]
~[[XFCE]] - a complete [[Desktop Environment|]] used by [[Carolina]]

==More Window Mangers on the Wiki==
~[[Afterstep]] - based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface
~[[Compiz]] - has special effects
~[[Dwm]] - minimal tiling wm
~[[Echinus]] - lightweight tiling wm
~[[Fluxbox]] - lightweight
~[[IceWM]]- Easy to use, customizable and good looking window manager.
~[[PekWM]] - smaller and easier than OpenBox
~[[RatpoisonWM]] - minimalist with the emphasis on speed

==Even more Windows Managers==
~[[Antico]] - [[ ANTICO forum thread]]
~[[Beryl]] - has special effects
~[[CompizFusion Compiz-Fusion]] - has special effects
~[[Flwm]] - [[ Flwm forum thread]]
~[[HazeWM]] - super minimal [[ HazeWM forum thread]] [[ homepage]]
~[[MLVWM]] - look and feel like the Macintosh environment [[homepage]]
~[[Metisse]] - has special effects
~[[ProjectLookingGlass Project Looking Glass]] - has special effects
~[[XFWM]] - has special effects

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[JWMElements JWM's elements]]
~[[WMSwitcher Window Manager Switcher]]
~[[ChangeWindowManager How to Change Window Manager]]
~[[WindowManagersEffects Window Managers with Special Effects]]
~[[DesktopEnvironments Desktop Environments]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ List of window managers]]
~[[ Script for Window tiling in openbox (]]

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