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Window Managers

The Window Manager is the layer between X windows and the desktop environment. Window managers (WM) control the placement & appearance of windows. The default in Puppy is JWM is very light and basic but effective. If you imagine a computer system as a series of layers it would look something like this:

Hardware < Operating System < Window System < Window Manager < Desktop Environment

for Puppy the default is JWM or OpenBox:

Hardware < Linux < X Windows < JWM or OpenBox

(JWM or OpenBox also act as the Desktop Environment.)

List of Window Managers
JWM - default in Puppy4, also see JWMElements.
OpenBox - default in Puppy5.
Afterstep - Afterstep forum page
Antico - ANTICO forum page
Beryl - has special effects
Compiz - has special effects
Compiz-Fusion - has special effects
Dwm - Dwm forum page
Enlightenment - Used by MacPup
Fluxbox - Fluxbox forum page
Flwm - Flwm forum page
Metisse - has special effects
Project Looking Glass - has special effects
XFWM - has special effects

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