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Woof is a script; that can download packages of some other GNU/Linux distribution, cut them right down to Puppy-size, then build a Puppy Linux live-CD/DVD - and do all of this totally automatically. The design of Woof is intended to be so flexible that packages from any distro can be processed. At the time of writing Woof is supporting Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware and Arch. Puppy can be built from whatever is the current one. Whenever there is a new release, all that Woof needs is the name of the release and Woof will then download all the packages and build a new Puppy Linux. It may take a couple of hours fixing some package names, but the idea is that in one day one has a brand new release of Puppy. The end result is Puppy Linux! That is one ends up with something that has the speed, compactness and all the ease-of-use features of Puppy Linux, with nothing sacrificed. Even building from Ubuntu packages, one gets a 99MB (or thereabouts) live-CD, a fast Puppy that runs in RAM, all of the Puppy applications and all of the tools and familiar desktop. Note that Woof currently only builds on a Puppy host system.

HowTo Build a Custom Puppy with Woof

Puppy 5.x general purpose release - Upuptu (You Pup Too) aka Upup based on Ubuntu compatibility using Jaunty Jakalope depositories
Puppy SMP for newer multi-processor CPUs kernel compiled for SMP (multi-core processors)

Puppy Retro for older hardware

dpup Debian Puppy
spup Slackware Puppy
apup Arch Puppy
ppup Puppy Puppy


Official release 5.x features
* 5.x series .pet and SFS compatible across range
* New Kernel with two different compile versions
* Ubuntu shared software depository compatibility
* Woof Puppy Build System for developers
* FullerScreen Presentation software
* New Programming Language support (via devx) for Vala, Genie
* Puppy Browser written in Genie, used as an HTML help viewer
* Possible Puppy Database under development
* Puppy is starting the move to other processors:
PowerPup Puppy on the PowerPC Processor for Mac, ARMPup in development
Using the Woof Puppy builder, compatibility with other Linux distributions can be achieved (woofability)

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