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~**Woof** is a Puppy building program. It is used to build a Puppy Linux distribution from the binary packages of another Linux distribution.

~//'For a long time I have dreamt of a "magical script" that could download packages of some other distro, cut them right down to Puppy-size, then build a Puppy Linux live-CD -- and do all of this totally automatically.'// [[BarryK]]

==Build process==
~The process used by Woof to build a Puppy Linux distribution from another Linux distribution:
~~-The user selects the Linux distribution to be used as the foundation of the Puppy Linux distribution
~~-The user selects the choice of packages and other options
~~-The user initiates the build process
~~-If needed for the selected Linux distribution, the scripts perform preprocessing tasks
~~-The scripts download the package database files of the selected Linux distribution
~~-The scripts download the package files of the selected Linux distribution
~~-The scripts build the generic Puppy-packages
~~-The scripts build the Puppy Linux live-CD .iso file of the Puppy Linux distribution
~~-The user burns the Puppy Linux live-CD from the .iso file
~~-If desired, the user builds a new variant of the Puppy Linux distribution using the CD-Remaster tool available in Puppy Linux

==Supported distributions and Architectures==
~The Linux distributions that Woof can use as the foundation for a Puppy Linux distribution include: Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Arch, T2, SDE, Puppy, Mageia.
~The architectures supported include [[x86]], x86-64 and [[ARM]] (including the [[Puppi Rpi's]] ""ARMv6"" CPU). Improvements to Woof will benefit all supported architectures.

~The latest version of Woof has greatly improved support of different languages, with many existing language packs (from Woof can even create your default puplet a language other than English).

==Examples of Woof Puppy versions==
~What can be achieved using Woof: [[Wary]], [[Puppy431]], Dpup ([[Dpup]], [[Squeeze]]), [[Upup Upup]] ([[Puppy5Index Puppy5]], [[LupQ]]), [[Spup]], Tpup, [[Quirky]])

~The CD-Remaster program available in Puppy Linux is a simpler way to build variants of a Puppy version, if you don't want to make a major change.

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Babybuilder]] - a feature to create small Puppy versions
~[[Puppy|What is a Puppy Version]]

~WoofQ is a project created by [[Barry]] for building non-Puppy Quirky distributions.

~[[ EZ-Woof-525 - The Lucid 5.2.5 Build Environment ]]
~[[ How to Use Woof to Build Lucid Puppy 5.2 thread]]
~[[ How to Build a Custom Puppy with Woof thread]]

==Barry's Woof Webpages==
~~[[ Woof official page]]
~~[[ Woof on Barry's blog]]
~Project version control management system is bones:
~~[[ Bones official page]]
~~[[ Bones on Barry's blog]]

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