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Woof is a Puppy building program. It is used to build a Puppy Linux distribution from the binary packages of another Linux distribution.

'For a long time I have dreamt of a "magical script" that could download packages of some other distro, cut them right down to Puppy-size, then build a Puppy Linux live-CD -- and do all of this totally automatically.' BarryK

Build process
The process used by Woof to build a Puppy Linux distribution from another Linux distribution:
The user selects the Linux distribution to be used as the foundation of the Puppy Linux distribution
The user selects the choice of packages and other options
The user initiates the build process
If needed for the selected Linux distribution, the scripts perform preprocessing tasks
The scripts download the package database files of the selected Linux distribution
The scripts download the package files of the selected Linux distribution
The scripts build the generic Puppy-packages
The scripts build the Puppy Linux live-CD .iso file of the Puppy Linux distribution
The user burns the Puppy Linux live-CD from the .iso file
If desired, the user builds a new variant of the Puppy Linux distribution using the CD-Remaster tool available in Puppy Linux

Supported distributions and Architectures
The Linux distributions that Woof can use as the foundation for a Puppy Linux distribution include: Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Arch, T2, SDE, Puppy, Mageia.
The architectures supported include x86, x86-64 and ARM (including the Rpi's ARMv6 CPU). Improvements to Woof will benefit all supported architectures.

Version Control
Project version control management system is bones:
Bones official page
Bones on Barry's blog

The latest version of Woof has greatly improved support of different languages, with many existing language packs (from Woof can even create your default puplet a language other than English).

Examples of Woof Puppy versions
What can be achieved using Woof: Wary, Puppy431, Dpup (Dpup, Squeeze), Upup (Puppy5, LupQ), Spup, Tpup, Quirky)

The CD-Remaster program available in Puppy Linux is a simpler way to build variants of a Puppy version, if you don't want to make a major change.

Also on the Wiki
Babybuilder - a feature to create small Puppy versions


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