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==== XBMC ====
An open source media player with a 10-foot user interface

== Installation ==

This is xbmc 12.2 frodo for precise puppy, this is only for precise puppy. Hasen't been tested thoroughly so treat it as experimental!

** Precise PPM **
This is the older version 11 from the PPM (Puppy Package Manger)
Make sure the PPM is updated!
Install xbmc_11.0 from the ubuntu-precise-universe repo in the PPM. Be sure to examine all the dependencies and install them!
You will need to install lsb-release as well, which you will find in the ubuntu-precise-main repo.

** Precise SFS **
This is version 11 in sfs form.

divx gets buffered in .cache and this will take up savefile space! To remedy this move the hidden /root/.xbmc folder to the harddrive then copy it back and choose link relative.

== Links ==

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