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XOpup is a Puppy linux 5.1.1 derivative that supports the One Laptop Per Child hardware.

Currently it supports the XO-1 and the XO-1.5

XOpup-1 is the first stable release XOpup-1.tar.gz
(md5sum: e01bced2c4d24677119291ec3a3ef501)
Check out the XOpup-1 Build Announcement for prerequisites, features, info and known issues.

XOpup-2 (XOpup-2.RC.tar.gz md5sum:2ea3773984a0dafd1736e13f0666e52d) is a slimmed down version of XOpup-1.0 that supports XO-1.5 much more efficiently and has a number of fixes over XOpup-1.
The main changes compared to XOpup-1.0 are:
- Moved to "xopup" SFS names instead of "lupu"
- Comparable support for XO-1 and XO-1.5
- New olpc-2.6.35-based kernels for both the XO-1 and the XO-1.5 (a new 2.6.31 kernel for the XO-1 is also provided)
- New XO-1.5 video driver
- XO camera support through the wxCam application
- Moving (not very much used) apps and functions out of the main SFS file to make room for "kids" apps. The main SFS is now only 92MB.
- Removed apps are now provided as pets in the "extra_pets" folder included in the download.
- External monitor/projector, firewall and bluetooth support
- Improvements in savefile handling
- Better power management
- Updated XO-version-specific Quickpet and PPM repo data
- New background (to distinguish the builds :-)
See the change log for the latest changes.

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