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{{image url=""}}[[ Xara Xtreme]] graphics editor

**[[ xaralx-0.7r1785.sfs]]**

Xara Xtreme in Puppy 2.10
~1) Install this dotpup: (1.7 MB)
~1) Then install this dotpup: (13.4 MB)
~1) Then run xaralx-gtk from the dotpups-menu.

It includes some Gtk-libraries compiled before we had Puppy 2.10. They are installed in an own subfolder to avoid conflicts with the Gtk from Puppy 2.10. They can be accessed only by a special startscript like the provided xaralx-gtk.

If the startscript cannot find /usr/local/bin/xaralx, it creates a new one, and lets you edit in leafpad the path, where you installed [[ XaraLX]].
The help requires additional 27 MB: (6.2 MB)
To be able to use all import/exportfilters, install [[ ImageMagick]], too:
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