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Read digital audio via [[icedax]].

~+[[bzip2]],+[[cddiscid cd-discid]],+[[grep]],+[[lame]],+[[tar]],+[[vorbistools vorbis-tools]],+[[wget]]

~create a single FLAC file from the entire CD (with an embedded cuesheet so that one can subsequently create a backup optical disc): %%abcde -L -1 -M -o flac%%
~other file formats of choice may be generated from the original FLAC file, e.g. for OGG file generation: %%abcde -o ogg -L -d disc.flac%%
~an example conversion to AAC/MP4: %%abcde -a cddb,read,encode,tag,move,playlist,clean -d /dev/sr0 -o m4a -V -x%%

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