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~**Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)** is the most common sound system for Linux operating system and is used on most Puppy versions.

~Verify currently installed driver version via the command-line interface: %%(language-ref)cat /proc/asound/version%%

==Configuration Setup==
~Configuration via '[[AlsaSoundWizard|Alsa Sound Wizard]]' and 'Multiple Soundcard Wizard':
~//PuppyMenu > Setup//

~Volume level adjustment via command line [[AlsaMixer]] or [[RetroVol]] (speaker on the task bar).

==Trouble shooting==
~If you have no sound first check the volume isn't muted. Then go the the [[AlsaSoundWizard|Alsa Sound Wizard]] and follow the steps there. If still no joy ensure the correct sound module for the hardware is loaded. Also, sometimes a conflicting module may need to be blacklisted.

==Also on the Wiki==
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