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~Easy to use audio recording and editing. Latest versions are partially compatible with [[Jack]]. Uses the [[wxWidgets]] [[framework]].

~Audacity is available from the [[PPM Puppy Package Manager]] in some versions of Puppy.

~Alternatively, install an appropriate package:
~~[[ Audacity 2.1 daily build]] (for [[Slacko]] [[Precise]] [[Tahrpup]]) packaged by [[don570]]
~~[[ Audacity 2.0.3]] (for [[Slacko]] [[Precise]] [[Raring]]) packaged by [[don570]]
~~[[ audacity-2.0.1 pet]] ([[Puppy53 Slacko]] and [[PolarPup Polar]] compatible) packaged by [[darkcity]]
~~[[ pet_packages-slacko]]/[[ audacity-1.3.14 pet]] (for [[Puppy53 Slacko]])
~~[[ audacity-1.3.14 pet]] (for [[Puppy53 Slacko]])
~~[[ audacity-1.3.12 pet]] (for [[Puppy53 Slacko]])
~~[[ Audacity 1.3.12 pet]] (for [[Puppy526 Lucid]] and how to build your own)
~~[[ Audacity-1.3.9]] (small size, for a wide variety of Puppies, new and old) packaged by [[don570]]
~~[[ Audacity-1.3.12 for Fatdog 710]] (decompresses in /opt to avoid library mismatch) packaged by [[don570]]
~~[[ Audacity-1.3.4-beta]] (for [[Puppy3]])
~Compilation packages:
~~[[ fatdog 500 sfs packages]]/[[ audio-all-in-one-amd64-10 sfs]] (for [[FatDog FatDog64]])

~+[[bzip2]],+[[grep]],+[[jack]],+[[tar]] (optional: +[[Flac libFLAC++]], +[[SoundTouch libSoundTouch]],+[[lame libtwolame]])
~Version 2.0.3 onwards uses the [[libsoxr]] resampling library by default, instead of [[libresample]], for higher quality and speed.

~[[ Tutorial to make Audacity 2.0.4 pet package from Nightly Build]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[SoundSystem Sound system Index]]
~[[jack]] - low level sound system control
~[[alien2puppy]] - tool for making puppy packages

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