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~**Chromium** is an open source Web-browser project. Also available in a flavor packaged by Google called [[Chrome]].

~Install an appropriate Chromium package:
~~[[ Chromium with pepper-flash]] [[sfs]] packaged by [[peebee]]

~~[[ Chromium Browser 34 pet or sfs]] packaged by [[OscarTalks]]

~~[[ Chromium 26 for Precise (possibly Slacko and Lucid)]] packaged by [[JamesTheAwesomeDude]]

~~[[ Chromium 15 pet for Lucid]]

==Pepper Flash==
~Pepper Flash is a plugin for Chromium that allows later versions of [[libflashplayer|Flash]] to be used.

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Chrome]] - same browser with google branding
~[[SRWareIron|Iron]] - another version of the same browser

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Chromium homepage]]
~[[ Build instructions for Linux]]
~[[ Differences between Google Chrome and Linux distro Chromium]]
~[[ How to use the newest PepperFlash with an older Chromium (forum thread)]]
~[[ Chromium 14 for Puppy (forum thread)]]

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