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printing management

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Dependencies: +bzip2,+dbus,+grep,+libjpeg,+libpng,+libtiff,+openssl,+tar

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"When your desktop was running Puppy 4.3.1, it had CUPS 1.1.23. This version automatically shared its printers with other machines on the network. Now that you have Puppy 5.1, you are using CUPS 1.4.x. In this version you need to specify that you want to share a printer. This is done in two places.
1. When you add a printer, there is a checkbox for Share This Printer.
2. Under the Administration tab, look in the Server section. There is a checkbox for Share Printers Connected to this System."

"this whole exercise serves to reinforce my personal prejudice against CUPS 1.4"

"Lupu's CUPS has two protocols for printing to a Windows shared printer. The first, "Windows Printer via SAMBA" is the Puppy standard and uses the smb: backend. However, Barry has introduced an alternate method called "Windows Printer using smbclient" which uses the smbc: backend. This one is broken and requires the following patch:
ln -s /opt/samba/bin/smbclient /usr/bin/smbclient
Both methods work correctly after the patch."

"Are they not testing CUPS properly prior to releases? As usual, this is not a CUPS problem - it's related to fonts."

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