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audio playback

~[[binarycode Binary code distribution]]: [[ PET]] | [[software other]]

~Dependencies: +[[alsalib alsa-lib]],+[[bzip2]],+[[dbus]],+[[ffmpeg]],+[[flac]],+[[grep]],+[[lame]],+[[libao]],+[[libogg]],+[[liboggz]],+[[libsamplerate]],+[[libsndfile]],+[[libtheora]],+[[libvorbis]],+[[wavpack libwavpack]],+[[musepack]],+[[pulseaudio]],+[[speex]],+[[tar]]

Slacko and wary versions of deadbeef

Racy version of deadbeef

Precise version of deadbeef by pemasu

Static version - works with many Puppy distros - foreign language locales


Plugin Summary:
stdio: yes - Standard IO plugin
gme: yes - chiptune music player based on GME
nullout: yes - NULL output
alsa: yes - ALSA output
sid: yes - SID player based on libsidplay2
ffap: yes - Monkey's audio (APE) decoder
lastfm: yes - scrobbler
mpgmad: yes - mpeg player based on libmad
vorbis: yes - ogg vorbis player
flac: yes - flac player
wavpack: yes - wavpack player
sndfile: yes - PCM (wav,aiff,etc) player based on libsndfile
vtx: yes - vtx file player (ay8910/12 emulation)
adplug: yes - adplug player (OPL2/OPL3 emulation)
vfs_curl: yes - http/ftp streaming support
cdda: yes - cd audio player
gtkui: yes - GTK user interface
hotkeys: yes - Global hotkeys support
ffmpeg: yes - ffmpeg codecs
oss: yes - oss output plugin
pulse: no - PulseAudio output plugin
artwork: yes - Cover art plugin
supereq: yes - Equalizer based on Super EQ library by Naoki Shibata
notify: yes - notification-daemon support plugin
shellexec: yes - shell commands plugin
musepack: yes - musepack player plugin
wildmidi: yes - WildMidi player plugin
tta: yes - TTA player plugin
dca: yes - libdca (DTS Audio) player plugin
aac: yes - AAC player (m4a, aac, mp4) based on FAAD2
mms: yes - mms streaming support
dsp_src: yes - High quality samplerate conversion using libsamplerate
m3u: yes - M3U and PLS playlist support
vfs_zip: no - zip archive support
converter: yes - plugin for converting files to any formats

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