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~The **devx** package contains various development and build tools, including a [[C]]/[[Cplusplus C++]] compiler. Roughly equivalent to [[Apup|Archlinux's]] base-devel.

The newest puppy distro Xerus 8.2 has a pet package rather than a sfs file to download

====Alternative method to install devx files====

The devx file is a sfs file which installs like regular sfs file i.e. just click on file with
your file manager. There is an alternative method to install if you wish.
(for the raspberry pi computer this method may be the only method possible)

Click on the devx-*.sfs file, which will mount it.
Open a terminal in the mounted directory (press back-tick character)
cd to the files and copy the contents to the root filesystem using following commands in terminal:

cp -a -f --remove-destination * /

~Download and install the devx [[SquashFS SFS]] file corresponds with the version of Puppy that is in use:
~Often the devx file can be downloaded from the same place as the version's [[ISO]]. If the Puppy version is a remaster it may use the same devx as the 'parent' Puppy version.

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