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Dpups are created using Debian packages, usually using the Woof Puppy creation tool.

DPup Versions

Guy Dog 5.0.1 latest cutting edge Dpup by Iguleder
Exprimo 5.X.10.2 SMP multicore optimized version
Exprimo 5.X.9 based on Guy Dog from Pemasu
NextPuppy 5.02 lightweight version by Iguleder

Exprimo 5.X.7 based on NextPuppy, by pemasu
DPup 477 Debian - Sid repositories, retro version
DPup 482 Debian - Lenny repositories
DPup 484 version by gposil
DPup 485 revised version of DPup 484 by dejan555
DPup Squeezed Puppy 4.99.2 version by BarryK
InsidiousPuppy based on Squeeze, by Iguleder
Squeeze based on DPup Squeezed Puppy, by Iguleder

Pussy Linux
Cut down version of Debian to be lightweight, like Puppy, created by sickgut. 100% 'apt get' compatibility with Debian.
PussyLinux homepage
Pussy Linux thread

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