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e3 is a console text editor with multiple personalities, A single executable that emulates other editors.WordStar,Emacs,Pico,Nedit, orvi


Type one of the following into a console to invoke e3 with the desired emulation. (please note not all emulations are 100% identical to their corresponding editor)


keyboard commands for WordStar mode


emacs emulation, There are no key bindings that use the Meta key.


Pico emulation.


Nedit emulation.


vi emulation. This is inferior to the busybox vi. No support for "set" commands No support for f<char> to seek to next instance of <char>. Instead, use "/" or "?" No support for "n" to repeat a search. Instead, use "/" or "?" with no pattern; this repeats the previous search.

ALT-h usually gives help, EXCEPT in e3vi mode, where you have to use ESC-h instead.

e3 in all modes creates backup files named xxx~. These are NOT automatically deleted,
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