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e3 is a console text editor with multiple personalities, A single executable that emulates other editors.[[|WordStar]],[[|Emacs]],[[|Pico]],[[|Nedit]], or[[|vi]]

Type one of the following into a console to invoke e3 with the desired emulation. (please note not all emulations are 100% identical to their corresponding editor)

%% e3ws %%
[[|keyboard commands for WordStar mode]]

%% e3em %%
keyboard commands for emacs emulation. There are no key bindings that use the Meta key.

%% e3pi %%
[[|keyboard commands for Pico emulation]]

%% e3ne %%
[[|keyboard commands for Nedit emulation]]

%% e3vi %%
vi emulation. This is inferior to the busybox vi. No support for "set" commands No support for f<char> to seek to next instance of <char>. Instead, use "/" or "?" No support for "n" to repeat a search. Instead, use "/" or "?" with no pattern; this repeats the previous search.

ALT-h usually gives help, EXCEPT in e3vi mode, where you have to use ESC-h instead.

e3 in all modes creates backup files named xxx~. These are NOT automatically deleted.

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