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{{include tongues}}
**//Example page in //English// for //registered// users//.**
//{{color c="red" text="Only"}}// {{color c="red" text="click"}} //{{color c="red" text="on the windows to open the"}}// {{color c="red" text="editor"}}// {{color c="red" text=". You can now change it as well as the "}}//{{color c="red" text="title"}} //{{color c="red" text="as you want!"}}//
//Please change also in the// code //what you will see after the editor is open//:
- //earlier and following pages if you have more pages coming one after other (hand book, training, etc.)//!
- //the twice //«include»//, here in that example page named with the page name «tongues»! each topic needs a own common page taken in as part and page name (the same name used in all tongues). It is the connection between all tongues for the topic. It is easy to add new tongues in the page connected as //«include»// : only one little change has effect on the page in all tongues! The author of the first version has to write also the //included// page where all //translators// can write their own tongue after that as new tongue. Using //«include»// make easy to have a very actual system: knowledge being to have to be actual (version numbers, names, etc) can be written in //«included»// pages. After that only one change is enough to make all pages actual//.
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