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Enlightenment X window manager


Enlightenment is a small, fast, customizable "window manager" that works quite well with Puppy. Enlightenment boasts menu transparency, multiple and virtual desktops with easy switching, an icon bar, a desktop pager, epplets (like very small widgets), and a few special effects like "ripples" on your desktop. It takes some getting used to since it is a little different than the other window managers, but give it time and use your tooltips by hovering the cursor over desktop items.

Installing Enlightenment
  1. The first step would be to download and then install the Enlightenment DR16 dotpup. temp. link

  1. Next, you should probably download and install MU's configuration dotpup for Enlightenment DR16-7 since it makes the setup simpler. temp. link

  1. After installation, exit X (hit CTRL-ALT-Backspace). (or logout some other way)

In the prompt,type:
xwin enlightenment

If it does not work, simply type
xwin jwm
to go back to your Puppy-Desktop.

You can also install Enlightenment DR17 as a Puppy expansion file (.sfs). See this forum thread.

Enlightenment downloads
Many Enlightenment-related files for use with Puppy can be found in page for window managers.
Help & Information
The full forum thread can be found here.
Please post any Enlightenment-on-Puppy questions or configuration problems on the forum or ask in the Puppy IRC channel.

Hints & Tips

Some screenshots of Enligtenment on Puppy
(with Gentoo icons)

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