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Frisbee is network manager which can help you maintain internet connection in Puppy Linux. It is a front end for Wpa Roaming and dhcpcd, inspired by Wpa Gui.

Installation Slacko and Polar
Frisbee is built-in on Slacko Puppy5.31 and PolarPup go to network wizard and select Frisbee.

Installation Precise Puppy 5.4.x (upup)
Install the components PETs from this post
Install the Frisbee-3 PET from this post
(rtl8192xx firmware post)

Alternative version- Frisbee+xpupsay-beta2-1112.pet

Install Puppy Lucid (5.2x) and Puppy 4
1. Install the following Software Package(s):
2. Install the correct dhcpcd package for the Puppy version:

Installation XOPup
For the XOPup version, see this forum post.

Installation for Archpup
For Archpup there is an SFS version, see alternative forum thread

Eliminate Frisbee messages
Frisbee can be useful with unstable Internet connections, as it will periodically try to reconnect. However, by default it generates a message every time it does it, which can become annoying.

To disable those messages (Frisbee will keep on working in the background):
delete the file /etc/frisbee/.notify_mode (tested in Slacko 55).
Forum thread

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