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====Get ""LibreOffice""====
~Tool for install [[LibreOffice]] with GUI. By [[01Micko]].
~Install an appropriate package from the [[ Get LibreOffice thread]]. Once installed you can get ""LibreOffice"" from:
~//PuppyMenu > Documents > Get ""LibreOffice""//
~Office suite by the Document Foundation. Forked from OpenOffice. Good accuracy for import/exporting Microsoft documents.
~Either install an appropriate package from the list below, are use [[GetLibreOffice]] tool.
~[[]] 151M, US language pack.
==Language Packs==
~Get the language packs from the libre site. (debs are easiest).
~[[GetLibreOffice]] - Tool for install LibreOffice (with GUI)
~[[ LibreOffice homepage]]

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